My name is Tiphaine, I’m from France and since I was a child my parents took me backpacking in other continents. They’ve opened me to the world.

After three years of studies to obtain my Specialized Educator diploma, I felt the urge to explore more of this planet.

I went to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa for a year. The adventures I’ve experienced there made me reconsider my whole perspective on life.

Being at the other end of the world made me realize I wanted to discover what was next to me.

Paris, France, June 2017.

Inspired by my short cycling trips in Australia and New Zealand, I bought a bicycle and left, in June 2017, on my 23rd birthday. What a gift!

I started from home, without a real plan, without a final destination and ended up cycling 20,000 km in 14 months, half of it with Martin.

This trip, more than any others, showed me that dreams can come true and that travelling is a matter of motivation.

Since then, I dare to live a different life, “unstable”, full of changes, adventures, experiences, that make me who I am today.