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Some stories deserve to be written down…

Since we are back (August 2018) from our first big cycling trip, Tiphaine has been writing a book about our adventures in Africa, and her experience on her own in Europe.

There are two versions, a French one and an English one.

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UPDATE! The book is SOLD OUT.

Thanks to everyone who contributed through the crowdfunding platform. A special thanks to Clémentine Herbreteau, Antonin Muller, Sandra Clayessen, Lise & Bruno Aguesse, Régine Thiry, Louisette & Michel Clayet, Jean-Luc & Dominique Gioanni, Nicolas Ancot, Christian Theriot, Frédérique Bares.


  1. Hanne Hjardemaal

    Little Miss Pedals is one of those books that makes it hard for the reader to get a good night’s sleep, because you always want to read a little bit more. Tiphaine lets me be a part of her adventure by the way she describes her feelings and emotions. I would clearly recommend it to anybody who is into bike touring. I’m so much looking forward to reading about new adventures.
    Thank you for the ride, Tiphaine

  2. Pauli

    Thank you Tiphaine for an amazing story! An adventure like this require a lot of courage and a humble attitude. Even though it isn’t always easy it’s amazing how welcoming and helpful people all over the world can be!
    May the wind be at your back!

  3. Mike

    An incredible story of an amazing journey. Charts the highs and lows of a true cycling odyssey.
    Should act as inspiration to anyone wanting to head off on their own cycle adventure!


    Tiphaine, this book has it all about Europe and Africa. It taught me a lot about my own continent because I have never travel to the sahara and other part of Africa but the LITTLE MISS PEDALS said it all in a very precise english language.
    I am really so grateful to have received this special gift in hard copy from the author of the book…. MISS TIPHAINE MULLER. Thanks a lot and be assured that i completed reading the book but cant set my mind off it. Thank you very much….

  5. Ben Shapero

    I cannot believe my friend went on all of these adventures!!! This book provides so many insights and descriptions of things you just can’t have without going on these amazing escapades. Tiphaine is an inspiration to anyone wanting to break out of the everyday cycle and embrace the world around them!

  6. Kenny Hunt

    I couldn’t put this book down! Such a genuine read and truly inspiring. Anytime I hear people talking about how dangerous the world is I mention your story to them and show the map of your trips! Such a badass, keep it up Tiphaine!

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