The Book

Little Miss Pedals - The book of our journey by Tiphaine

Have you ever told yourself that you want to break your routine and go on an adventure?

Have you ever told yourself that the ones who dare it are wild?

Do you think 20,000 kilometers on a bicycle is unrealistic?

I’ve done it. And I am neither sporty nor crazy – or so I think. I’m just an ordinary girl, who one day decided to stop conforming to normal life plans.

I started on my 23rd birthday, alone, with my bicycle, my tent, and no training. I’ve left aside the comfort that we care so much about to find some simplicity and modesty. And what I found was beyond my expectations.

I left my home in Paris, without a real plan, following my heart. I first cycled seven months by myself in Europe. I eventually ended up in Africa with Martin, a German cyclist, for another fantastic experience.

I came back from this journey that lasted for more than a year, with endless stories to tell. I now want to share them with you. I hope it can inspire you, and will prove dreams can come true.