The route through Tanzania

Route: entered via Rusumo from Rwanda, hitchhiking with a truck from the border to Nzega, then cycling to Kasumulu at the border with Malawi

Kilometers cycled: 678 km

Visa: at the border, easy to get, 50$?

Dates: 12 days (5th to 16th of May)

What we liked: being in rural areas with nice surroundings, lovely people, no traffic

What was challenging: managing water and food, the tsetse flies, the road from the border with Rwanda to Nzega (that we did in a truck) because of the trucks traffic going from West to Dar-Es-Salaam

Amazing roads in rural Tanzania, May 2018
Tsetse fly, the nightmare on earth, Tanzania, May 2018
Bush camping next to a hut, Tanzania, May 2018
Rice, beans and greens, typical food, Tanzania, May 201
Cycling kilometers to get water, Tanzania, May 2018
Slideshow: Rwanda & Tanzania
Boarding school and Q & A session for a night, Tanzania, May 2018
Serious climbing, Tanzania, May 2018
Cute boy, Tanzania, May 2018
Carrots’ washing in the river, Tanzania, May 2018
Birthday boy with a new wildlife book, Tanzania, May 2018

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