Friends & Supporters

Our best supporters are all the great people we meet while cycling! Thank you so much for believing in us, hosting us, your kind words and all the motivation you give us. Without you, travelling by bicycle would not be the same. Unfortunately we don't have photos of all of you - all of you are part of our cycling trip and memory though.

Besides, we are very happy to get supported by a fine selection of companies & shops, that believe in us and help us to fulfill our dreams by providing equipment.

The vsf fahrradmanufaktur offers unique trekking bikes and city bikes in premium quality. The expedition and travelbike is already legendary today.

ORTLIEB is the world’s leading brand of waterproof premium equipment.

ORTLIEB products are a statement. Made in Germany.

Bergans offers a wide range of winter jackets, down jackets, outdoor pants, outdoor jackets, rain jackets, outdoor equipment and much more for women, men, junior and children online. Everything you need to enjoy and practice your outdoor activities around the year regardless the weather.

Schwalbe is Europe’s leading bicycle tire brand, based in Germany.

Schwalbe only makes bicycle tires and only have one goal: to make the best bicycle tires in the world!

Cyclable is a French shop for bicycles and bicycle equipment.

Magura produces and distributes engineered cycling products and service including cycle suspensions and brakes. We are both using their hydraulic brakes on our bicycles.

We love to inspire you and show you what a safe and wonderful place the world actually is. We love to share our feelings and experiences while cycling through far-away countries away from the typical tourist spots. We love to keep on holding presentations in local schools on our route.