The route through Senegal

Route: entered Senegal via Diama border post, to Saint Louis, then along the coast to Dakar. From the capital we took a ferry to Ziguinchor to get to Guinea Bissau then back through Pirada, Velingara, crossing The Gambia, then again Farafenni, Kaolack, Toubab Dialaw and Dakar.

Kilometers cycled: 673 km

Visa: visa-free for 3 months, multiply entry

Dates: 29 days (20th of February to 8th of March, then 18th to 29th of March 2018)

What we liked: the fish, rice and veggies after a month in the desert, the nice city of Saint-Louis, the boat ride to Casamance

What was challenging: getting to Dakar with the traffic, the contrast between the quiet desert and the people always wanting to interact

Crossed the border to Senegal under a strong sun, Senegal, February 2018
Pink lake before Saint-Louis, Senegal, February 2018
Finding some shade on the coast, Senegal, February 2018
Having fun with the curious kids, Senegal, February 2018
Slideshow: Senegal & The Gambia
Enjoying a great dinner in Dakar with our best host, Senegal, February 2018
Embarking on the ferry from Dakar to Ziguinchor, Senegal, March 2018
Sine-Saloum, Senegal, March 2018
Wild camping somewhere in rural Senegal, March 2018
Dinner and resting time, Senegal, March 2018
Ready to fly from Dakar to Nairobi, Senegal, March 2018

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