The route through Rwanda

Route: entered from Uganda via Gatuna Border Post, exit via Rusumo to Tanzania

Kilometers cycled: 189 km

Visa: East Africa Tourist Visa (we got it at at the airport in Nairobi), valid for Kenya-Rwanda-Uganda, multiple entry, valid 3 months, 100$

Dates: 5 days (1st to 5th of May)

What we liked: flat road despite a lot of hills, very clean country

What was challenging: overpopulated country

Fresh pineapple cut on the road, Rwanda, May 2018
Kigali, Rwanda, May 2018
Yummy treat in the capital city, Rwanda, May 2018
Tough road, Rwanda, May 2018
Slideshow: Rwanda & Tanzania
Checking the route with a few eyes around, Rwanda, May 2018
Hiding from the strong shower of the day, Rwanda, May 2018
Smiles, Rwanda, May 2018

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