Cycling trip 2020 & 2021

Our current cycling trip - Europe and more in 2020 & 2021

Originally we planned to cycle in 2020 from Germany to Thailand. Due to the Corona Crisis we had to turn around in Hungary in March 2020. After one year of waiting we are on the road again.

Part 1: March 2020 from Germany to Hungary - then Covid starts...

21 days through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary along the Danube and the Tisza River. With the start of covid, we decide to go back to Germany and leave our equipment in Hungary. Cold cycling, stopped by a pandemic.

Break along the Danube

Donau-Auen National Park

Arrived in Bratislava

Happy days on the Tisza river

Part 2: Summer 2020 - Picking up the bicycles and cycling back from Hungary to Germany

10 days from Hungary to Germany via Austria. All our equipment was safely stored in Hungary, and we pass the Lake Balaton as well Neusiedler See. Great times!

Lavendel field around Lake Balaton

Camping in a vineyard

Nice cycling lanes

Lake Balaton

Part 3: Spring 2021 - Next try...

We start again in Germany, and we will see which countries will let us pass.

Snowy Thüringer Forest

Castles along the Saale cycling path

Forests in Brandenburg

Brandenburger Gate in Berlin