Starting point: Méribel Mottaret on 3rd of september 2020

Ending point: Menton on 29th of september 2020

27 days of journey, including 2 rest days because of rain.

Inspired by the GR5, I’v created my own itinerary thanks to maps, advice, internet and had the company of Mathilde.

Our journey through the Alps
Lac Blanc in the Parc de la Vanoise, Day 1
1st bivouac and sunrise on the Ecrins
Going up towards the Col de Buffère, Day 4
Climbing the Col des Grangettes in the Ecrins, Day 5
Eychauda Lake, Day 5
Off path hiking to join the Lac de l’Ascension, Day 7
Bivouac 7 at the Lac de l’Ascension
Col du Petit Malrif in the Queyras, Day 10
Bivouac 11 on Col de Chamoussière
Lac St Anne, Day 13
Col Girardin, Day 13
Col de Gypière, Aiguille de Chambeyron, Day 14
Lacs de Vens, Day 17
2 rest nights and waiting for better weather in Roure, Day 19 – 21
Bivouac 24 next to the Refuge de Nice, around -5°C
Vallée des Merveilles in the Mercantour, Day 25
Under the snow for our night before the last bivouac, 25
Sunrise on the Roc de l’Orméa, Col du Berceau, 2h away from Menton, Day 27
Menton on the Mediterranean Sea is the end of our hike, Day 27