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How to NOT cycle around the world – A little Corona diary

We wanted to travel by bicycle again. Definitely for 6 months, probably for a year, maybe for longer. First towards Asia, maybe around the world. We wanted maximum freedom. We have been worrying about accidents, about our body, about political tensions, about visa issues – we didn’t worry about a virus. However, let’s start from the beginning.

End of January and the beginning of February

There’s a new Coronavirus in China – people mostly talk about it because China is locking down huge regions, a curfew is introduced – the city of Wuhan, among others, is becoming a ghost town.

Do I worry since China is on our route? Not too much. Do I worry since I’m expecting a lockdown of many countries on all continents? Certainly not.

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Starting our journey – From Passau to Vienna

On Tuesday the 25th of February 2020 we finally left Martin parents home in Bavaria and started cycling. The few previous day were a bit stressful – let’s not forget anything, but also let’s not take too much!

Leaving on a cold February morning

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Best Of – Cycling Africa & Europe

It’s the end of 2019, and a few months before our next cycling trip through Asia is going to start. A good time to look back at the last cycling trip from 2017/2018, and to crown our favorites.

Martin eating Couscous in Guelmin, Morocco 2018

Friendliest people in Africa: Morocco (Tiphaine), Zambia (Martin)

Friendliest people in Europe: Serbia (Tiphaine), Kosovo (Martin)

Best food in Africa: Morocco (Tiphaine), Morocco (Martin)

Best food in Europe: Greece (Tiphaine), Albania (Martin)

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