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How to NOT cycle around the world – A little Corona diary

We wanted to travel by bicycle again. Definitely for 6 months, probably for a year, maybe for longer. First towards Asia, maybe around the world. We wanted maximum freedom. We have been worrying about accidents, about our body, about political tensions, about visa issues – we didn’t worry about a virus. However, let’s start from the beginning.

End of January and the beginning of February

There’s a new Coronavirus in China – people mostly talk about it because China is locking down huge regions, a curfew is introduced – the city of Wuhan, among others, is becoming a ghost town.

Do I worry since China is on our route? Not too much. Do I worry since I’m expecting a lockdown of many countries on all continents? Certainly not.

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From Vienna to Budapest

After 3 days exploring Vienna and chilling with our hosts, we left the Austrian capital on the famous Danube cycling path, and it took us only a few hours to Bratislava through the nice Donauauen Nationalpark. We arrived quite early so we had time to have a walk in the city – Tiphaine had never been and was quite impressed by its charming old town.

Bratislava, Slovakia, March 2020

It’s then 3 days to Budapest with 2 nights wild camping. The first day we had some strong headwind – and it felt like in the Sahara! We were quite slow but the sun was shining sometimes and the cycling path on the Slovak side was new and perfect. We found a nice wild camping spot on grass, very quiet and peaceful.

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Starting our journey – From Passau to Vienna

On Tuesday the 25th of February 2020 we finally left Martin parents home in Bavaria and started cycling. The few previous day were a bit stressful – let’s not forget anything, but also let’s not take too much!

Leaving on a cold February morning

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New cycling adventure in 2020

We are going to cycle the Silk Road soon! Here is a rough map of our next adventure which is starting in February 2020.

We will follow the Danube, go through Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran then Turkmenistan to cycle the legendary Pamir Highway and join the Karakoram Highway linking China to Pakistan. From India we will probably go to South-East Asia.

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Best Of – Cycling Africa & Europe

It’s the end of 2019, and a few months before our next cycling trip through Asia is going to start. A good time to look back at the last cycling trip from 2017/2018, and to crown our favorites.

Martin eating Couscous in Guelmin, Morocco 2018

Friendliest people in Africa: Morocco (Tiphaine), Zambia (Martin)

Friendliest people in Europe: Serbia (Tiphaine), Kosovo (Martin)

Best food in Africa: Morocco (Tiphaine), Morocco (Martin)

Best food in Europe: Greece (Tiphaine), Albania (Martin)

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