Africa & Europe

14 months through Africa & Europe in 2017/2018

426 days

21.566 km

27 European countries

15 African countries

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Part 1: Tiphaine cycles to Stockholm from Paris

In June 2017, Tiphaine leaves France towards the North. She cycles, over-motivated through Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden.

In the German countryside

Discovering the lovely city of Copenhagen

Through Sweden

Made it to Stockholm!

Part 2: Martin cycles to the Nordkapp

From Germany, Martin cycles through Denmark and Sweden to Norway and continues towards the North cape. Great cycling and great weather in Summer 2017.

Camping along the Elbe

Beautiful day in Sweden

Fjord and Fjell in Norway

Reaching the North Cape

Part 3: Tiphaine cycles up North in Sweden, then Finland

Enjoying the infinite forests and nature those two countries have to offer.

Spontaneously meeting and cycling 2 weeks with Anton.

Beautiful camp by a lake

Nice Nordic forest

Garden camping at some lovely old couple

Part 4: Martin cycles through Finland, the Baltics and Poland back into Germany

Mixed weather, quite some rain in late summer, but still motivated to keep on going.

Wonderful camping in Estonia

Baltic Sea Sunset

Rainy cycling

Bus stop shelter from the rain

Part 5: Tiphaine makes her way South; Baltic countries, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary.

A lot of rain in the Baltics and some roads flooded

Amazing cycling path in Eastern Poland: the Greenvelo

Sunset on the Danube

Tiphaine's best friend joins for 2 weeks of cycling

Part 6: Martin cycling the Balkans towards Greece

After a little break in Germany, Martin cycles via Austria and Slovenia through the Balkan peninsula and ends in Athens. From Greece, he catches a ferry towards Italy.

Camping along the Mediterranean Sea in Croatia

Wonderful Lake Koman in Albania

Lake Kastoria in Greece

Camping in the Gulf of Corinth

Part 7: Tiphaine from Hungary to Greece through the Balkans

Tiphaine discovers the Balkans with Serbia and totally loved the country. She continues through Macedonia and Greece.

Nice road in Serbia

Entering Greece

Some mountains to reach the Coast

Still enjoying

Part 8: Martin's last countries in Europe - Italy & Spain

After taking the ferry to Italy, Martin's crosses the country, and takes another ferry to Spain, which turns out to be one of his favorite cycling destinations in Europe.

Sleeping in olive groves in Italy

The beautiful Amalfi coast

10.000km milesstone in Spain

Making good friends on the road

Part 9: Tiphaine cycles the Adriatic Coast to join the South of France

Wonderful cycling along the Coast in Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, then in Italy to France.

Albania's beautiful coast

Sunset in Croatia

Camping in a bar on a very cold night

Crossing Italy gets too cold

Part 10: Meeting in Africa and cycling the first few kilometers together

After 7 months of cycling independently through Europe, Martin and Tiphaine meet in Morocco. Tiphaine takes a 2 days ferry from France, while Martin takes a 2 hours ferry from Spain, and both meet in Tangier.

The first kilometers in Northern Morocco

Sleeping next to the donkey

In the High Atlas

What a great view

Part 11: Through the Sahara from Morocco to Senegal

Part 12: Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia and back

Part 13: Wildlife in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda

Part 14: Western Tanzania & Lake Malawi

Somewhere in Tanzania

Not everyone is cycling just for fun...

A fisherman in Lake Malawi

Sandy beach at Lake Malawi

Part 15: Zambia & Zimbabwe

South Luanga National Parc

Victoria Falls bridge connects Zambia and Zimbabwe

Elephants close to the Victoria Falls

The gorges of the Victoria Falls

Part 16: Amazing wildlife in Botsuana

Cycling the Elephant Highway

Risky camping in the bush

Elephants crossing the road

Nice camp in the Kalahari

Part 17: Holiday in Namibia

Leopard in the Etosha National Parc

Namib Naukluft National Parc

Seals in the Atlantic Ocean

Flying home after 14 months