After 3 days exploring Vienna and chilling with our hosts, we left the Austrian capital on the famous Danube cycling path, and it took us only a few hours to Bratislava through the nice Donauauen Nationalpark. We arrived quite early so we had time to have a walk in the city – Tiphaine had never been and was quite impressed by its charming old town.

Bratislava, Slovakia, March 2020

It’s then 3 days to Budapest with 2 nights wild camping. The first day we had some strong headwind – and it felt like in the Sahara! We were quite slow but the sun was shining sometimes and the cycling path on the Slovak side was new and perfect. We found a nice wild camping spot on grass, very quiet and peaceful.

The next day was a bit of a disaster. Strong rain in the morning, and terrible cycling path that was completely unpaved. Also the Eurovelo 6 signs slowly disappeared. We then crossed to the Hungarian side in Komarno (after a food and “trying-to-dry” rest in the supermarket), but that wasn’t better. The rain keeps us wet until 3pm – when it finally stopped.

In Labatlan we decided to leave the awful road along the Danube (no cycling lane and quite narrow, with lots of traffic) to join Budapest via the hills. We wild camped again and had a nice sunny last day on this nice road – happy to have made a good decision.

We are now exploring the beautiful capital of Hungary for a few days, before we continue our journey. At the moment how we continue is quite unclear, since more and more countries are closing their borders because of the coronavirus. Not the best time to travel around the world, but we will see what’s going to happen. Next country is supposed to be Romania.