On Tuesday the 25th of February 2020 we finally left Martin parents home in Bavaria and started cycling. The few previous day were a bit stressful – let’s not forget anything, but also let’s not take too much!

Leaving on a cold February morning

The first cycling days were quite cold, from 2 – 10 degrees, but nice cycling along the river Rott, Inn and finally the Danube, that we joined after 75km. We’ve then just been following the signs of the Eurovelo 6 and we were pleasantly surprised about how nice it is – we thought it might be boring. In particular the stretch through the vineyards and little villages of the Wachau was beautiful. The calmness of the river far away from the noises of cars and the possibility to cycle next to each other were wonderful.

Martin trying to warm up with a glimpse of sun

Luckily we got hosted every night, so it was not necessary to camp yet, which was quite a relief since temperatures dropped below zero during the night, and there was not much sunshine to warm up during daytime. We are fine as long as we cycle, but as soon as we stop for a break or eating, we’re getting cold quickly. Of course, the first night in the tent will unavoidably happen soon, and it should work out.

Below you can find a map of our route. The map is also available at www.bit.ly/dreamsontracks.

So far we are very happy with our Fahrradmanufaktur bicycles, together with Ortlieb our main sponsor. Martin was using the same bicycle brand already on the 21.000 km trip through Europe & Africa, and Tiphaine is now enjoying the good quality of Fahrradmanufaktur and Ortlieb.