It’s the end of 2019, and a few months before our next cycling trip through Asia is going to start. A good time to look back at the last cycling trip from 2017/2018, and to crown our favorites.

Martin eating Couscous in Guelmin, Morocco 2018

Friendliest people in Africa: Morocco (Tiphaine), Zambia (Martin)

Friendliest people in Europe: Serbia (Tiphaine), Kosovo (Martin)

Best food in Africa: Morocco (Tiphaine), Morocco (Martin)

Best food in Europe: Greece (Tiphaine), Albania (Martin)

Friendly family in Zambia, 2018

Favorite animal: Camel (Tiphaine), Elephant (Martin)

Favorite tourist attraction: We did only one – The Victoria Falls

Favorite bucket shower: Guinea-Bissau (Tiphaine), Gambia (Martin)

Favorite campsite: Croc Valley Camp, South Luangwa (Tiphaine), Croc Valley Camp, South Luangwa (Martin)

Favorite road in Europe: Coast of Albania (Tiphaine), Coast of Norway (Martin)

Best country for wildlife in Africa: Botswana (Tiphaine), Botswana (Martin)

The blue city of Chefchaouen, Morocco 2018

Favorite city in Africa: Chefchaouen (Tiphaine), Nouakchott (Martin)

Favorite camping meal: Couscous with Chickpeas and a fresh Tomato (Tiphaine), Lompe (Norwegian Bread) with Peanut butter and Tuna (Martin)

Favorite activity while cycling: Listening to Music (Tiphaine), Spotting birds (Martin)

Favorite activity while not cycling: Sleeping (Tiphaine), Internet and Shopping for Food (Martin)

Favorite book: The Shadow of the Sun (Tiphaine), Half of a Yellow Sun (Martin)

Days without a shower in a row: 8 days in Sweden (Tiphaine), 7 days in Norway (Martin)

Best cycling road: Green Velo in Poland (Tiphaine), Sahara (Martin)

Tiphaine on a cycling path in the Sahara desert, 2018